Back in the old routine

Hi out there

If I’m doing a blog, I must be at the garage with the car in for service!!  Correct on all counts. Car in for the 150000km service and to get the parking sensors looked at as they malfunction every time I wash the car!!  Hopefully something very simple and cheap to fix!!  Wouldn’t that be nice!!

OK!! As you can imagine a lot has happened since March and all the things we were looking forward to have come and gone. Now it’s catching up with everything that got missed in the excitement!!

View from our suite. Ready to sail!!

Just before we headed off for our cruise around New Zealand we went through the tail end of Cyclone Debbie, which brought heavy rain… enough for months in one day!! The storm headed out to sea and we were concerned that we would encounter it again at sea or in NZ.  Very fortunately it was ahead of us and we experienced really good weather all around!!

Were we at sea for two days with waves of two metres, which in a ship that size was very gentle.  You could see the curvature of the earth but that was about it.  Didn’t see another boat or anything other than a few cormorants and the odd albatross!!

Sailing very slowly through Milford Sound

Our first land sighting and views came in the sounds on day 3.  We entered Milford Sound early in the morning and were invited to the helicopter pad to enjoy the best view.  It was pretty cold but the sound was beautiful. Just like the fjords in Norway and Alaska the views were spectacular.

Doubtful Sound…so peaceful!!

From Milford Sound we made our way south down the south island of New Zealand to Doubtful Sound. This was named by Captain Cook on his travels as he believed it was doubtful it could be navigated and didn’t find the way through.  We managed it in a whopping great boat!!

Another vessel enjoying cruising the Dusky Sound!!

The last of the three sounds was Dusky Sound. The Sounds have the reputation of the wettest places in New Zealand and have lots of horse flies and bugs.  I suppose its a pay off for the beautiful scenery!!  We were told by the crew that the weather was the best they had ever experienced in the sounds!!  You can see from the photos it was perfectly clear and not a bug to be found!!  Joy!!

The Forsyth Barr stadium Dunedin

After another night at sea we headed to our first port of call, Dunedin. It was settled ages ago by mainly Scots hence the name which means Edinburgh in? Is it Celtic or Gaelic? Any way there was a statue of Robert Burns in the centre of town!! Like most places in NZ it’s big on rugby and the stadium hosts the Highlanders.  It’s enclosed due to the weather, which can be horrendous and very cold at times.  Once again it was lovely when we were there!!

The railway station in Dunedin. No trains though!!!

Baldwin Street has an average gradient of 1 in 3.41 and its steepest section is 1 in 2.86. Great training run!!

There was also some great architecture and the steepest street in the world. I’ll put in two examples…….

Yellow eyed penguins in the hospital. They don’t like each other or company at all. Maybe a contributing factor to being endangered!!

The highlight for me was the trip to the penguin sanctuary and hospital.  Penguins are my favourites and I could watch them for hours!!  These were the endangered yellow eyed penguins, which are in short supply.  Commercial fishing has impacted on the penguins main food source which is Cod.  New Zealanders love fish and chips and enjoy Cod too!!

After our great day in Dunedin we set sail for Akaroa which is the gateway to Christchurch in the region of Canterbury. Home to the Crusaders if you are in to rugby!!  Christchurch was rocked by a massive earthquake in 2010 and for those who remember our trip to New Zealand in 2011 we were supposed to play squash in Christchurch but the test series was moved to Nelson near Picton which is final port of call on this trip.

Inside the Antarctic centre in Christchurch. You can experience a storm at -18C!!! Cold!!!

We arrived in the harbor in Akaroa and were on a tender, which for the uninitiated is an anchor in the middle of the water where you are put on little boats to take you to shore. We did so and went off on a day trip to the Antarctic centre in Christchurch and the royal New Zealand Air Force Museum.  I managed to see some more penguins, so was happy as Larry!!  They were blue fairy penguins.  smaller the there yellow eyed cousins and not endangered!! I wont bore you with more photos but I’ll just do one from our Christchurch trip!!

You always enjoy these trips and experiences learning something new and seeing lots of sights  that you haven’t seen or done before.  This one was memorable for the most opinionated, depressing tour guide/driver you could ever imagine.  It was amusing to hear but it was an eight hour trip!!! I believe if you hate the country, the government, the weather, the indigenous population, the transport system and tourists you really should go in search of another profession.  Maybe Antarctica… but if you hate the cold and penguins that could be tough gig too!!

Windless Wellington!!

Hope you can see the seals. Same colour and shape as rocks!!

Next stop on our tour was Wellington, the capital of NZ.  Home to the Hurricanes…rugby reference again sorry!! !!We crossed the Cook Strait, infamously one of the roughest windiest stretches of water in the world……except when we went through it!! We arrived in windy Wellington to clear skies and not a breath of wind!! Very unusual!!  When were in Wellington on honeymoon in 1988 we nearly got blown into the harbour and that’s not a joke.  This time it was benign.  You’ll see from the picture we went through the massive wind farm where the turbines weren’t moving.  I would hate to have been there in 1988!!  The turbines weren’t there in 1988 anyway!!  We did another trip with New Zealand gray fur seals on the agenda and a bit of off road driving too. All good fun!!

Another over night and Cook Strait crossing back to the south island to Picton.  4.5 m waves were the biggest ones we experience but still not much rolling!! We were really looking forward to Picton for two reasons… firstly, we were absolutely taken by the place in 2011 when we came through.  It’s a beautiful little town if you ever get to visit.  It’s also the gateway to the Marlborough wine region.  Being a bit of a wine drinker myself, I thought it would be great if we went on a tasting tour!!!  We did so and the guide was very good.  He actually liked the country, the weather, the government etc and the wine!!!

Clos St Henri a boutique winery in Marlborough

We had a great day and visited three wineries including Wither Hills a big international player.  The was informative and we bought some of their wines, which they produce in low quantities so are not exported. Wither Hills refers to the hills alongside the Marlborough Valley.  On one side the valley the hills are lush and green, heavily forested with lush rich soil.  The other side of the valley the hills are barren and devoid of trees.  A much harsher area and rougher soil, hence wither hills.  I thought that was interesting!!

Wither Hills winery

And that was that.  We were invited to the helicopter and again to sail out of Picton and head back to Sydney.  Beautiful memories and a glass of bubbles to send us on our way.

Bye NZ. Thanks for a great trip. South Island in the foreground North Island in the distance. You can make out the turbines we visited if you look closely enough!!!

It was a great trip and we booked our next cruise on board.  Off to China, South Korea and Japan in 2019!!  It will probably be time for another blog by then!!!  Hopefully, you’ve made you way through this one and haven’t been too bored.  I’ll wrap it up there…..

View from the hotel in Sydney when we arrived back!! Celebrity Solstice, our ship, at dock!!

Except to mention…. we had a great time with our friends Nicki, Gez and Jodie Connelly from the UK.  Jodie and Jono went to play school together, so it was fun to see how they have developed.  Lots of drinking and touring again.  Also notable news… Sue won the state title for the 13th year in a row.  It was a massive win this year as she was match point down in the final to her old adversary Kylie Hammett. Kylie comes into the age category every five years before Sue moves up to the next category, so it’s always a tough ask but Sue was up to it!!  The age thing has worked in her favour later in the year as she has been selected to play for Australia in the Trans Tasman Test Series. She turns 55 on 30th August and the first test is on 1st September, so she will be a young 55!! In more news Sue has moved jobs.  She’s gone back contracting earning twice as much as before with half the hours and a lot less stress.  Good move in my view.  Also in the news section… Jono is up for promotion to project manager.  He has the backing of the branch manager, so it should go through very soon.  He has put in for a 33% pay increase and should get close to that.  Great position to be in at 23 years old.  His house and life are all good!!  Finally, our new car, the Merc, is on the horizon…. like…. it’s on a transporter today or tomorrow and they are flying someone down to show us how it works.  I suppose when you wait 6 months from order and you pay a fortune for a car, the least they can do is show you how it works!!

That’s all folks.  Will send a car photo when it arrives!!!

Take care for now.  A&S J&L C&K xx xx lick lick!!

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What is 38 over 30?

Good question.  I’ll leave you to ponder that for a little while.

I’ll tell you what is not. It is not anything to do with my visit to the Large Hadron Collider exhibition at the Queensland museum yesterday. The visit was fascinating and if you ever get a chance to see the exhibition as it travels the world it’s well worth it. They found the Higgs-Boson particle can you believe it?!!

In other news since last we spoke, Jono has moved out to his new home in Zillmere.  The move went well with the exception of having to clean the place from top to bottom and sort out the garden.  I was roped in to do some whipper snipping, that’s strimming in Pommy speak!!  I went down 8 inches of uncut grass to get to the bottom.  It looks like a bad haircut at the moment but there are new green shoots appearing as we speak!!

Also, he and Lain are still fostering the two dogs and four cats in addition to their mice and budgies.  The dogs are proving a real handful having chewed the new sofa that Lain’s parents bought for them and Jono’s new Fossil wallet that we got him for Christmas. Becoming an expensive habit and it sounds like Jono and Lain have realized the place is too small for the dogs at least. Jono’s is the third townhouse from the front just before the car you can see at the back.

Gecko.. what gecko?!!!

What was I saying??….. 38 over 40?  Well it is definitely not anything Kobi could get his head around!!  If you can picture the scene this week ( you really can only do this if you’ve been to our place but bear with me)…. The end door of the byfold windows is open.  Kobi sees a gecko running across the tiles outside… he follows it from inside until it disappears off towards the outside table.  What does Kobi do?  He only runs around behind the TV to chase it down.  Last seen bum in the air sniffing cables!!!!

We are now getting excited.  Looking forward to our cruise around New Zealand coming     up on 3/4.  There’s a little bit of trepidation too as it is a long sail to NZ from Sydney and     the weather after months of calm seas it has just started to get stormy and lumpy.  Hope      we don’t suffer seasickness as that would put a damper on things.  We have booked to play  squash in Wellington when we get there. Hopefully no dodgy tummies on                                 the court!! We have free internet on the boat so I’ll hopefully do a bit of blogging                    and photo taking along the way. This is the ship we are going on Celebrity  Solstice. We        are right at the back half  way up on the other side.  We have a corner suite so we                   should be able to see side and behind!!                                                          







The new car is still on track to be delivered on 17/4 when we get back.  Always subject to change.  You never know with these things.  Trying to get three different people to come together on getting things sorted has been challenging. Each party has a separate agenda and it doesn’t appear that customer satisfaction is a high priority.  Really looking forward to the after sales experience surveys!!!! This is what the car should look like when it arrives!!

All photos thanks to the internet today.  Except the one of Kobi… he’s special!! I guess that’s all the news for now!!!….

But what is 38 over 30?? Well…… after twelve and half years of being in sunny Queensland we have just finished a run of 38 days over 30C!! I was hoping for 40!!  You may be surprised to hear we thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part.  The humidity was fairly low so it wasn’t hot and sticky like it can be. Yesterday was the first day below 30C and it rained a bit and is doing so today as well.  Now the humidity is up and it fells a lot hotter..  Funny that!!

Got to go hope you enjoyed the read.

Love to you all.

A,S,C & K plus them in Zillmere!!!  xxx lick lick!!!!

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28 dates revealed….

Hi All

If you know what I am talking about you are in on the secret and thanks for everyone who made the kept quiet long enough for the reveal!!

For those of you who don’t know the story goes like this….  We were married in 1988, 28 years ago. On our anniversary 110616,we were away for the Gladstone masters tournament.  In the evening we went to the squash club function and had a great time.  They even got us up to dance to our “new” wedding song as we couldn’t remember what we danced to the first time!!  Bryan Adams “Everything I do I do it for you…..”

I suggested to Sue that when we got back I would take her out for a meal.  On the following Saturday we went out but Jono came as driver and chaperone!!  I mentioned at the time it would take 28 dates to get us together alone…  That got me thinking….  So for the past 8 months I have been taking Sue out on 28 dates without her knowledge!!  On Thursday we had lunch. the only date without wine!! That took us to 27 dates and I had already set up date 28 a surprise trip back to Gladstone to have date 28 with our good friends the Davis family.

Sue came home on Friday night to all the clothes laid out ready to go and she had a guess at Gladstone because I had spoken to Sue Davis in the week but she didn’t know why!!  On Saturday morning Jono & Lain dropped us off at the airport and Sue and I went in.  We had a coffee and I gave her the following document to look at and read……  We’ll come to that in a minute.  Whilst Sue was reading the document  she was joined by …. Jono & Lain who had just gone around the corner to long stay parking and were coming with us!!  Another big surprise!!

Jono and Lain arrive!!


Here’ the story of our 28 dates…… this is the entire document including the first couple of pages to give her a clue as to what it was all about..  She thought it might be 28 prunes!!

110616 180616 090716 170716 180716 060816 130816 200816 050916 070916 080916 110916 120916 240916 011016 151016 291016 301016 051116 081116 261116 031216 211216 291216 301216 140117 020217 040217



(picture of dates!!  Didn’t come through from the document)

The story unfolds………………


Dancing people



Everything I do,

I do it for you…!!!!

28 Dates – story of our 28th Anniversary year

Date & Date Cost What to eat Memorable moments
1.      Gladstone Tennis & Squash 110616 $10 per head All home-made offerings Dancing to our new song Bryan Adams “Everything I do I do it for you”
2.      Groove Train Chermside 180616 $108.20 Club Sandwich & Pizza Capriccio no olives!! Brought a chaperone who doubled as a driver…Jono. Dinner was included!!
3.      Groove Train Chermside 090716 $67.35 Butter Chicken & Warm chicken salad Date night cinema to see Me before You. tear jerker!!
4.      Vintaged bar & Grill Brisbane CBD 170716 $24! 250g flank steak & Barramundi Vouchers for good food guide restaurant for $200 from Cathy for Christmas
5.      Vapianos Brisbane CBD 180716 $80 Pizza with extra chicken and a large salad Sunday night in the city the 2nd night of our Hilton stay. Meal same price as previous days wine!
6.      Beach House Chermisde 060816 $85 Fillet steak & Atlantic salmon Before Absolutely Fabulous movie! Not absolutely fabulous the movie not the food which was excellent
7.      Grilling Art Nundah 130816 $64 Oriental Art Chicken Thigh fillets & Caesar salad with smoked salmon Date night with Nav & Shelby.
8.      The Aqua Bar & Lounge Twin Waters 200816 $0 Rump steak & Mexican spiced chicken breast salad Out with Kay & Cathy, Jasmine & Zoe. They forgot our order and we got it for free plus two glasses of Champagne and an English breakfast tea!!
9.      The Foreshore Café Darwin 050916 $35 BLT & bruschetta Father’s day lunch at Nightcliffe Darwin
10.  Sunset Cruise Darwin Harbour 070916 $138 all inclusive Lots of cheese on a plate with a bit of other stuff as well Feeding the butterfly fish with the Mobbsies, Julie and the whole Gladstone crew!!
11.  Mindil Markets sunset on the beach 080916 $45 Dim sim starter Thai Green Chicken curry Burrito Sue Sushi Seeing the sun set into the Ocean magical!!
12.  Secluded beach south of Eco Beach Broome 110916 $900 Champagne picnic Helicopter ride to deserted beach without a soul in sight
13.  The Zookeepers Store Broome WA


$122 The Broome Experience Kangaroo, steak and Barramundi & Seafood board The most incredible steak and seafood following another helicopter ride to a sandbar in the Ocean to watch the sunset!!
14.  Grill’d Chermside 240916


$58 Lo carb burger chips & Superpowered salad Brigit Jones Baby Hysterical!!!
15.  Grilling Art Nundah 011016 $150 Sirloin Steak & Ceasar salad with chicken With Lain & Jono
16.  Grill’d Chermside


$62.50 inc wine Baa Baa Burger and chips & Superpowered salad The Girl on the train. Good film
17.  The Regatta Hotel Brisbane 291016 $0 sort of or $33 Grilled fillet burger & Ceasar salad With brother Michael & Nicola. Mike paid!!
18.  The Summit Restaurant Mt Coot-tha 301016 $400 Chracuterie entrée to share. Manning Valley Sirloin & Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Amazing food, views and company. Michael, Nicola & Jono. Checking out our neighbours birthday presents!!
19.  The Beach House Chermside


$68 Chicken Club sandwich & chicken breast with garden salad Film night…..The Light between the Oceans good film thought provoking storyline.
20.  BBQ on the beach at Bulcock


$63 Steak sausages and chicken With Michael & Nicola. Partying in the park!! Stuck in a dinosaur!!
21.  Jamie’s Kitchen Brisbane 261116 $120 Chicken Milanese & Super salad & smoked salmon Loose change date!! Walking around looking at Xmas decorations in the city
22.  Squash Club Christmas party 031216 $30 Buffet the curry was nice!! Barefoot bowls for 3 ends then the heavens opened!!
23.  Red Hook Gresham Lane BNE 211216 $102 Burritos and champion chips Out with Shelby to see the Christmas light show. Town Hall
24.  Kookaburra Queen 291216 $218 All you can eat buffet Xmas present with Jono & Lain. Christmas lights
25.  Mister Paganini 301216 $115 Risotto,Pizza Capricciossa, Broschetta, salad verde Fawlty Towers, Mantra Southbank Leyten Hewitt tennis players
26.  Beach House Chermside 140117 $79 Chicken Club Sandwich with mushrooms & Pumpkin and Quinoa salad with chicken Why Him movie

Funny movie ha ha!!

27.  Pig & Whitsle Queen Street Brisbane cbd 020216 $35 Chicken and avocado sandwich with bacon (shared) Romantic lunch for 2. A single red rose.
28.  040217

The Basement Thai Gladstone

$1500 TBA!!!

In fact …..Roasted Duck red curry and stir-fried barramundi in oyster sauce!!

Back to where it started.

1 Gladstone Tennis & Squash

 Unfortunately all the pictures didn’t come out but you get the idea!!



4 Vintaged Bar & Grill



10 Darwin Harbour cruise


12 Champagne helicopter picnic Broome WA



17 The Regatta Hotel Brisbane


20 BBQ on the beach Bulcock Beach Caloundra


24 Kookaburra Queen Brisbane River


25 Mister Paganini with Leyton Hewitt


28 Thai Basment Goondoon Street Gladstone


Total cost……..$4700 approx not including wine!!! and worth every penny!!!

Suffice to say we had a great time. We played some squash on the Saturday and had a laze in the pool.  On Sunday, Sue took us on a tour around Gladstone as Lain & Jono had not been there before.

We had a tour of the HMAS Gladstone which is in dry dock in the harbor.  That was interesting how cramped the ships are.  There were 24 sailors on board and we felt cramped with the five of us walking around!!

Captain Sue Davis

A thoroughly great weekend and well received by Sue.  Thanks once again for all those people who took part in some of the dates.  I think they all knew!!  A special mention before I go to Shelby Willis our great friend who had the unenviable task of house sitting whilst we were away.  No only did she have Chrystal and Kobi to deal with but also Zac, Jono & Lain’s new foster dog, who they saved from being put down and now are trying to find a permanent home.  He’s good natured but three very different dogs is hard work for all of us let alone on your own.  Shelby you are a hero!!!

Chrystal & Zac getting on fine!!

Guess that’s it for now….what can we look forward to now!!!

Lots of love

A,S,J,C,K & Lain plus Zac xxx lick lick x lick!!!

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New Year 2017 so much to look forward too!!

Hello everyone.

May I start by wishing all of you a fantastic 2017.  I hope your year is as exciting as ours looks like as we head back to work tomorrow.


Jono with his massive pile!!

A brief nod to 2016 and all the great times we had. Jono is now officially a home owner which is a big step.  He’s moving in after the tenants move out mid Feb, so that will be a big day!!  For some reason he is taking his car and his TV with him ?!!  So we have bought a 70 inch Samsung Smart TV and a brand new Mercedes which can park itself hands free….!!  We’ll miss Jono!!!


See the dude in the white t shirt standing up?…. That’s Leyton Hewitt!!


Storey Bridge on our trip on the Kookaburra Queen


The sign reads…. Farty Towels if you can’t make it out!!

Christmas day was full of presents as usual and a couple involved us going into Brisbane and spending two days in the city.  Jono & Lain joined us on the Kookaburra Queen the paddle steamer for a dinner cruise.  We followed us this with the theatre the next day to see the world premiere tour of Fawlty Towers.  How we laughed. Very funny!!




We stayed at the Mantra Hotel which is playing host to many of the players from the Brisbane International Tennis tournament.  We spent a couple of days player watching!!

New Years Eve was the same as most years.  A nice bottle of Champagne a review of the year and bed around 9.30pm !!!


And so onto 2017…… a short summary of the things we have to look forward to…..

Jan.. the Tennis. We have tickets for the men’s quarter finals and Women’s semi.

Jan.. Thomas nephew extraordinaire is visiting from Vanuatu.

On one of our walks… the city looking good!!

Feb.. Jono is moving out and into his new place.  You can see it online if you google.. 3/45 Harold Street Zilmere!!

Feb.. possibly Jodie, one 0f Jono’s pals from kindergarten is coming to visit.

Mar…. we will really have to find something to do cause at this stage it’s looking blank!!

April.. well we are taking delivery of the car as long as it is built by then!!  And it’s our 10 day cruise around New Zealand out of Sydney.  So looking forward to that!!

After that the year is fluid.  We have the state titles in June and the nationals in Ballarat blocked out.  Also hopefully Michael & Nicola will venture over around October this year. We have birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas plus Australia Day and the Queen’s birthday to also celebrate, so it’s looking pretty good!!!


Victoria Bridge was forever changing colour… a lovely sight!!

Must go now.  Dogs to walk, car to pack for work tomorrow and may fit in a few golf balls on the driving range too!!  See ya and lots of love for 2017.

A,S,J,C & K plus Lain xxx lick lick x!!!



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Back from the north west frontier!!


Hi less than avid blog readers!!

I must try harder to get these blogs back to semi regular at least and then I might get some more loyal readers!!


The only photo I took at the squash. Wayne Christenson our good friend who won the Over 35 mens!!

Last time we were just about to head off for Darwin for the Nationals. Long story short in the squash Sue came runner up again to Sue Hillier her nemesis for the past few years.  The great news though is that as our Sue goes over 55 next year she won’t have to deal with Sue H for another two years.  Looking at the over 55s at the moment Sue has a great chance to add to her three national titles in the next couple of years.

We tried really hard to enjoy the week by balancing the squash and doing some sightseeing.  We did a hop on hop off bus tour of Darwin, on Sue’s day off we went to the Litchfield National park a couple of hours outside Darwin.  We passed the famous spot of Humpty Doo, where the famous pub is!! Other than the beautiful falls and cascades in the park the main excitement we encountered was that we almost ran out of petrol in the hire car.  It wasn’t funny at the time because it was 35C, miles from anywhere and at one stage the gauge was showing we were going to be 4km short of the petrol station. We finally made it with the gauge showing 8km to empty!!  Phew in more ways than one!! Back to the park here’s a couple of pictures to give you a flavour…..

Pretty nice eh!!dscn4674dscn4687dscn4686

Wanghi falls (bottom right) fills with saltwater during the wet season. It also fills with saltwater crocodiles which are removed before the swimming season starts.  There was a sign to say if they missed any please call this number……!!!









We also went on a sunset cruise in Darwin harbour with our friends.  The sunsets on this side of the country are spectacular so you get many opportunities to see the sun set into 20160908_184036the ocean. The photo is the night we went to the night markets and you can just make out a ship which passed directly in front of the sun as it was setting.


The footprints are only ours!!

After the squash was over we headed over to Broome in Western Australia for a few days.  For those of you who don’t know Broome is top left of the country. It is famous for the Kimberley region which consist of national parks and completely untouched river systems.  You can cruise the area or fly around it. Due to the neap tide…. really low tide we weren’t able to go to the horizontal waterfalls which is a sea plane ride and jet boat from Broome…. next time. Instead we hired a helicopter to fly us to a deserted beach for  Champagne picnic.  That was amazing the pictures show us on the beautiful beach. We didn’t go swimming though because we saw a four to five metre great white or Tiger shark just around the headland!!!




Sunset standing in the ocean!!


A very nice riesling to top it off!!





The sunset bar Cable Beach


Cable Beach from the air…stunning!!

We enjoyed the helicopter ride so much we booked it again the following evening for a sunset flight.  It was so much fun.  We flew up the famous Cable Beach 21kms to the Pearl farms and then our pilot found a sand bar in the ocean to land on so we could watch the sun set into the ocean while standing in the ocean!!  That’s an experience of a lifetime!! We hightailed it back to the airport before last light as the helicopter wasn’t allowed to fly at night.  Our friend Chris Baker was in charge of air traffic control on the night so we could hear to him in the control tower and gave him a wave when we disembarked.  He had show us around the town previously and we spent the afternoon with him and his family.


And that was that. We came back from the north west frontier back into work and squash.  I started playing again after four and a half years.  I managed three losses before breaking down again.  I pulled my calf last Thursday so will be out again whilst that recovers.

This coming Friday brother Michael and Nicola come over on their way to see Thomas their son in Vanuatu.  They are coming back afterwards as well.  We are really looking forward to their visit and have some great things to do and see.  I’ll save the details until next time…….!!

Love A, S, J, Lain, Chrystal & Kobi xxxx lick lick!!

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