One for the road adventure

Hi world

On the road Route 1!!

Sitting in the airport ready to board our 14 hour flight back to Aus.  Why not finish with a final update on what has been an excellent trip. Seen lots done lots experienced lots and had a great adventure.

Great view if you could see it!!

Can’t remember where we got to but here’s the whole road trip!! The last few days we have been on the road making our way down USA Route 1 the pacific coastal road.  We visited Pebble Beach Gold Course the world famous links on the Monterrey peninsula, which was beautiful and our hotel was magnificent. La Playa Carmel was really nice and we ate in the bar. We left Carmel and did the  magnificent route south.  Recently reopened after major landslides washed out the road for over a year.  The only downside was that the coastal fog restricted our views.  You will see what I mean by the photos.

Inn at the Pier Pismo Beach

We made it to Pismo Beach a quaint seaside town where money is being spent right and left to raise the standard and it’s looking good.  Our hotel the Inn on the Pier was under a year old so nice place to stay and the roof top terrace was lovely to enjoy a glass of wine.

In the hills around Montecito

The Montecito Inn

We set off early every day to get to the next stop in time to look around.  Next stop Santa Barbara. We stayed at the Montecito Inn. The hotel was built and owned by Charlie Chaplin in the 1920’s. It was again beautifully presented. The village of Montecito was beautiful with boutiques and designer shops everywhere. Only 8 months ago it suffered a natural disaster when the mountains had devastating fires followed by monsoonal rains.  The mountains tower over the village and the resultant tsunami of mud and rocks crashed through the village. 23 people lost their lives.

Every Irish bar must have one….to be sure!!

In Santa Barbara itself we sought out Dargan’s Irish bar a former haunt of our long term squash friend Debbie Brown. Debbie and her partner have moved to Dublin, so it was just to see where they hung out.  It’s a great Irish bar and the town is very Spanish in influence. The weather was great and we had a really nice walk.

view from our room Marina Del Rey

The final dinner overlooking the Marina

Our final port of call was Marina Del Rey. We chose the Ritz-Carlton for the last day of our tour and it was spectacular.  the views of the marina were fantastic from all angles. we visited Venice Beach and had lunch at Fisherman’s Village before rounding things off with dinner overlooking the marina. It must be the biggest marina we have ever seen with over 4700 berths.

Cheers until next time!!

And so just when you think its all over you get home and wake up at 3am to complete the blog!! Jono was at the airport to pick us up bookending a super 3 week adventure. I hope you have enjoyed our notes from our travels and have enjoyed the photos along the way.

Take care.

Lots of love A&S in bed on our tablets 3am Brisbane!! xxxxxxxx

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Carmel adventure

Hi people

There’s deer in this photo promise!!

On the move….. from the Palace to SFO past Brisbane in San Francisco we picked up the car and went south. Headed for Carmel in the Monterey peninsula we knew it was going to be pretty. Not knowing where we were going was a bit difficult.

The 18th green at Pebble Beach US Open 2019 I think!!

We got to the bit where it said seventeen mile drive went past Pebble Beach Golf links, one of the world’s most iconic golf courses. We went down that road. The trip was nice and we managed to take a short cut to the course.  Honestly, you don’t expect to be on the 18th green of an absolutely iconic golf course looking up the fairway but at Pebble Beach you can. It was very special.

La Playa Carmel…… nice spot!!

We moved on down the road and ended up in Carmel the town where Clint Eastwood was major. Nice spot and the main street was a great place to shop. Our hotel La Playa was nicely presented and the staff were friendly and helpful. The bar was great and we were given a wine tasting food and a herbal cold remedy for me. Can’t complain!!

On the way Carmel route 1 to Pismo!!

Today we had a very nice breakfast at La Playa and headed off on Route 1 south towards LA. We had the great news that Route 1 was now open after a year of being closed due to the fires and land slides stop our stop in Carmel. The biggest issue was the fog. All the way we had cloud but every gap in the cloud we took pictures. It was beautiful and would have been more beautiful if the day had been clear.

No worries Pismo Beach is great. The hotel is well worth it.  It’s almost like an English beach holiday destination. Fish and chips and people on a beach which is cold!! Lovely spot worth a visit!!  Hope you enjoy the photos. Come to visit we have lots more!!!

Me with a big fat cow… Pismo Beach!!

Off to dinner now Pismo Beach…..

A&S out xxxxx !!!

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San Fran adventure

Hi all

On route

Made it with only one more drama from Washington. Turns out our car to pick us up was booked for May 2019 so we cancelled it and went to the hotel by Uber!!

Always a good time to blog when you are just about to leave the latest piece of your holiday adventure.

We returned to San Francisco for a few reasons really. To be the start point of our road

The streets of San Franscisco

trip back to LA. To return to the same hotel we stayed at 30 years ago on honeymoon and finally to visit Alcatraz a feat we had not achieved on our two previous visits to the city!


We are just getting ready to depart on point 1 our road trip we pick up the car at the airport and head south to Monterrey stopping at Carmel our first nights break.  It’s a four day trip that would be 6.5 hours of straight driving so it should be quite pleasant.

Fully restored by hand…. what a job!!!

Might fine hotel!!

Our return to our hotel has been very nice.  The Palace Hotel is iconic in San Francisco’s history and has continued to retain it’s opulence over the years. It has to be one of the nicest hotels we have stayed in in the 30 years of marriage.  In July last year they set about refurbishing the centerpiece, the garden restaurant and bar. It took 8 people 2 months to clean and repair 70000 panes of glass. The result speaks for itself amazingly impressive. Not a bad spot for breakfast.

We had a swim and jacuzzi to relax and wandered out to buy a new suitcase our one case has lasted us the whole of the thirty years and we thought it appropriate to leave it behind all those years later.  New cases are lighter so we have plenty of weight for some mementos of our trip. This one is tangerine so we wont miss it when it comes around on the carousel!!!

We finally made it to the Rock!!

Last evening we made it to Alcatraz.  We booked 90 days in advance to ensure we had a spot and sailed out to and around the rock.  We had live commentary on board and  then up to the famous jail. Inside we had an audio commentary telling us bout the infamous inmates, life in prison and attempted jail breaks.  It was very informative and well worth the effort.  On had one more guided tour on the way down to the boat and then we took in the lights of the bay on our return. It was a perfect if little cold evening.

Up this morning to typical fog. Hopefully it will rise and we will have a smooth drive to Carmel.  Update you hopefully again soon.


Lots of love A & S in San Francisco xxxxx Peace and Love Man!!!


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New adventure

Hi guys

Sue warming up in the bronze medal match

Well here we are sitting in the airport with the thoughts of the past few days still fresh in the memory. First up for those who haven’t had a chance to follow the squash.  Sue lost 3-0 in the semi final to Sue Hillier, who went on to win the world title easily in the final.

Sue with Arch nemesis (world champ) Sue Hillier


In the bronze medal match Sue went ahead 2-0 but was pegged back and eventually went down 3 -2.  Obviously she is disappointed but 4th in the world is still a monumental achievement. I am immensely proud of her and I am sure you are too.

This house was built in 1926 and is now the visitor centre for the Grand Caverns, a significant place in the American civil war.

We went on a couple more drives in the area and we made an attempt on the Skyline drive in the blue ridge mountains only to be rappelled by the fact that the cloud was all over the ridge and you couldn’t see anything!!!

We were very impressed by the scenery and if the weather had been better we are sure we would have ventured further afield. Charlottesville gets a tick of approval!!

View from the lounge… these little things drive up to the plane, collect the passengers and then drive to the terminal to drop them off. Quite bizarre !!

Moving on………. or not quite……. we would be moving on if our plane was here in Washington DC!! Those of you who have ever travelled know that things are never easy all the time. Today we woke up at 2.30am to get on the road from Charlottesville to drop of the car in good time to get our flight to San Francisco at 9am. Just as we were dropping the car off, we received the first text to tell us our flight was delayed due to a technical difficulty until 10.45. That was followed very soon after by another text to say our flight was going to be delayed much further until 2.30pm. The new aircraft is coming from Madrid!!……. at least we know it’s on the way and we are tracking it!!

The lounge!!

We are travelling first class properly for the first time in our lives due to the fact in America everything is such a bun fight when it come to internal flights. It doesn’t mean you can get into the lounge though!! Flight delayed 5 hours and flying first class….. nope sorry you don’t get in!!  Have to pay $50 US each, so we did and have been trying really hard to get our money’s worth by eating and drinking our delay. 2 x $5 for lattes………etc!!

Friends old and new. Julie from NZ, Sarah Nelson from New South Wales, us two and Lance and Jacquie Kinder from Overton Hampshire England!!

It is quite pleasant and quiet so no worries about that and we can look out on the runway and all the planes and things going about the airport.  Not too bad.

So it’s off to San Francisco one more time.  We’ll update you hopefully from the Palace Hotel, where we stayed 30 year ago on honeymoon. A great hotel and a wonderful city….. will let you know how we go!!!

Love A&S in Washington Dulles International Airport!! xxxx

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Worlds adventure

Hello world!!

Sue vs Julie Bunn

We are still on a high after the first two matches of the world championships. Sue’s had two solid 3 – 0 victories over Julie Bunn of New Zealand

Sue vs Polly Woodward last 16









and Polly Woodward of England both by 3 games to love.  Tomorrow is the quarter final and she is up against the current US Open and Canadian national champion so we are expecting a tougher examination.

Outside the squash we have been driving around taking in as much of the local area as time will allow.  The countryside is so lush and fertile.  The houses are really nice and the mountains are magnificent.

Don’t know why they are called the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!!

Today we went toward the Blue Ridge Mountains on the trail of the lonesome pine.  Not really clear what a pine tree looks like we lucked out on that!!  However the mountains were blue and the weather was much better than the storms we had yesterday evening.

Brief blog today we will hopefully have some more  good news tomorrow.

This is where the World Champs are taking place.

Love A & S in Charlottesville xxxx

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